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We've seen problems like the one you're experiencing with G4 "Sawtooth"
models (with AGP graphics), high-performance AIT drives, and various
Adaptec SCSI adapters.

The card is not detecting the AIT drives as devices that are capable of
wide or synchronous transfers, even though they are capable of both. 

We are working with Adaptec on this issue and will let you know when we
have more information. You've been added to our "Notify" list to be
informed of developments in this area.

If anyone else is encountering a similar issue, please let


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

Robin Bateman wrote:
>Dear All
>G4 Mac OS 8.6
>Int Adaptec 2940 UW card updated to latest driver & flash (4.1 I think)
>D2 AIT drive
>Retrospect 4.2
>Very strange but the network (100Mb on a bay) backs up just fine with
>anything between 70 & 180 Mb/min
>The int HD copies like a dog at about 2Mb/min if you are lucky, and is
>slow makes the G4 look like it has crashed
>anyone seen this??
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