Pardon the naive question, but I am trying to provide a 
recommendation for a small company. I'm used to Retro on the Mac and 
backup a network to DLT, so I am a bit ignorant here.

The company needs a simple small non-networked backup solution (one 
single PC), for the least amount of money (I know I know...). Of 
course I am suggesting Retrospect, but I don't know of a suggestion 
for a backup device. They wanted to just use a zip, but I am at least 
recommending something more reliable than that.

For their light backup needs, I am thinking of just going with a 
lowly DAT drive with a lot of redundancy. Can anyone recommend one 
for a Pentium 100 with 16Meg running 98SE? Does one typically attach 
such a thing to a parallel port? The machine already has 2 printers 
connected to 2 physical parallel ports. Can one gang parallel ports a 
la SCSI?

Although the amount to be backed up is not large (one small hard 
drive, maybe 600MB), I am leaning toward DAT because the company 
personnel are very technology disinclined, and something like a CDR 
*will* scare them. Buying a Mac and backing up over a network is 
totally out of the question ("what's a network?"). They have an 
ancient tape drive that they used to run on Win3.1 before they were 
forced to upgrade to 98SE. I don't think they ever have known if they 
were -really- backing anything up, but they like the idea of tape 
because it is familiar to them. What they have may actually be a DAT 
drive (I haven't seen it yet), but they want to buy a new one.

On Windows, does one have to install a separate driver for a backup 
drive from the drive's manufacturer, or does Retro alone take care of 

Stefan Jeglinski

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