Glad to hear that I am not nuts!  I'll be looking for the upgrade notice;
hopefully it will also have added support for OnStream's ADR tape drives
under Windows NT?



PS: size XL would be cool ;-).

>Hi all,
>Thanks are due to Andrew Cook, who has found the first instance that the
>functionality of Retrospect 5.0 Windows does not match the description in
>the User's Guide.
>Retrospect 5.0 will not synchronize the clocks of client Macs or PCs,
>even though the option to do so is checked in the script and the client is
>NOT set for read access only. Clocks can be syncronized manually (in
>Configure>Clients>Properties>Tools) by clicking the "Sync Clock" button.
>This will be fixed in the next version of Retrospect for Windows.
>So Andy, what's your t-shirt size? :) Actually, I'm serious. Please let
>me know and we'll be sending you one!
>Matthew Tevenan
>Technical Support Specialist
>Dantz Development Corporation
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