On October 14, 1999 we received a Sony DDS Autoloader Unit TSL-S9000L 
and Retrospect 4.1 to run on a Mac (OS 8.6 with client Macs of OS 
8.0, 8.6 and 9.0).  There was no power cord, signal cable, software, 
or documentation.

So we called the company and they said there was no documentation or 
signal cable but they would send a power cord and software.  They 
sent us the power cord and backup software for a PC.

We called again and said there had to be documentation and the 
software was not what was needed.  They finally said they had one 
copy of documentation that they would make a copy of and send us but 
there was no other software.

In Dec we started talking to their tech support because we couldn't 
get the autoloader tape unit to work with Retrospect.  We were 
desperate because our old tape unit that we had used for several 
years with Retrospect decided to die.

Their tech support said we needed ADK which was the first we had 
heard of it but it appeared that it was the software we had been 
asking for from the beginning.

We got ADK (Advanced Driver Kit 1.7) today and installed it.  We have 
also been to Dantz web site and downloaded the 4.2 Retrospect upgrade 
and installed it.

I noticed that the downloaded files contained a file to update the 
ADK driver even though it appeared that it wasn't really necessary. 
It reported that an invalid file had been selected for update.

The problem is that the magazine won't stay in the tape unit, it 
keeps being ejected.  We can't backup.  There is no menu inside 
Retrospect that allows me to talk to the tape unit, select the tape 
to backup to or anything.  We haven't backed up for weeks now and are 

Can anyone tell me how to get my backup working?

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