I just backed up my hard drive last week about 20.4 gigs worth. When I went
to run retro again it wants to back up another 9.7 gig?? I don't have 9.7
gig of new stuff. so u m uh why? ;-)

OS 8.6 on a Beige G3 running Retro 4.2 and ASIP 6.2
34 gig IBM Drive. (also have 6 gig boot,20 gig and another 34 gig)

no utilities run to change mod dates like Norton etc

mainly graphic files and stuffit archives

Do I need to rerun to script again? what can I do  to prevent this from
happening again? It takes 12 hours to back up and verify 20 gig and it's be
a pain to have to redo this too many times..

Though it is otherwise running great with asip 6.2. The script ran during
production day and we didn't see any speed drops

Garret J. Cleversley
Center Page, Inc.
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