I have a directory structure that looks like this (on a disk that is 
being backed up):


Each folder# contains a variety of files, and some have even more 
subfolders etc.

 From the Retrospect main window, I select "Create, Modify, and 
Schedule Scripts" and then I choose the [only] backup script that we 
use, and edit it. I get the window that allows me to specify sources, 
etc. In this window I choose "Selecting" to get a new window that 
specifies and allows me to define the inclusion and exclusion rules. 
The inclusions are "all" and one of the exclusion rules says "or 
matching folder name contains nobackup." The other exclusions have 
nothing to do with "nobackup," being just the usual bullet exclusions.

So far so good, I am trying to exclude the entire nobackup directory 
because I'm going to archive it to CD when it gets large enough, and 
now we're all on the same page.

After I back up to tape (no errors), I go merrily trying to see what 
got backed up. I happen to do this by attempting to restore files, 
first searching for them and marking them for retrieval.

When I search for a folder named "nobackup" it finds nothing (zero, 
nada, zilch). I agree.

When I search for "cdarchive" it finds a 1K icon file as the sole 
item in the folder called "cdarchive." Not sure why but no big deal.

When I search in each folder#, it finds nothing in certain ones, a 1K 
icon in others, BUT in SOME of them it finds every file. IOW, some of 
my files have been being backed up when they are not supposed to be.

What's wrong here? My boss is mad because I keep having to use 2 
tapes when one should easily do, because to my chagrin I'm backing up 
[large] excluded files. Looks like a bug to me but I will entertain 
better explanations. I found nothing in the manual that might solve 

Stefan Jeglinski

Note: the subfolders are not literally named "folder#." I just used 
that to make the description clearer. The actual folder names are not 
unusual and do not contain weird characters.

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