Hi all,

I changed my home machine from basic Mac OS 9.0 to "Multiple User" 
settings to allow my 3-year-old daughter to hack on the machine in 
her "user mode".

But since setting up Multiple Users, my automatic scripts aren't 
auto-launching retrospect at the appropriate time when I'm logged in 
as the "owner" user.

The Retrospect icon will flash in the Apple Menu when the scheduled 
time for the script has past, but the program will not automatically 
launch as before.

Having the program running prior to the script time will run the 
script, though, as will launching the program after the script time 
when the icon is flashing in the Apple Menu.

I don't expect Retrospect to launch in my daughter's limited-user 
login, but I would think it should still launch in the "owner" login 
as that's supposed to be the "master" login that functions as if 
Multiple Users had no limitations.

Anybody else have this problem?  Should I just dump and recreate my 
Retrospect preference files in the "owner" login?


- Steve
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