Hi Steve,

Eric Ullman sent the following e-mail out a while ago. I think it's worth
sending out again.

Long story short, with Multiple Users on, Retrospect and Retrospect Express
will not automatically launch, no matter what user you're logged in as.


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

Retrospect and Mac OS 9 -- A Compatibility Report

The current versions of Dantz software:

  Retrospect 4.2 (English only),
  Retrospect 4.1E (French, German, Japanese)
  Retrospect Express 4.1E (all languages)

are compatible with Mac OS 9, with the following exceptions:

1. Very Large File Support -- Retrospect and Retrospect Express cannot
backup files larger than 2 GB. Both report error -1310 when attempting to
back up files greater than 2 GB in size. In addition, Retrospect file backup
sets are still limited in size to 2 GB.

2. OS 9 Multiple User Mode Issues

(2a) Retrospect and Retrospect Express do not autolaunch if Multiple Users
are enabled in the Multiple Users control panel. The workaround is to launch
Retrospect manually.

(2b) Retrospect, Retrospect Express, and Retrospect Clients can only back up
or duplicate files according to the permissions granted to the currently
logged in user. In other words, if a client is logged in as a limited user
and Retrospect backs it up, only the files and folders that this limited
user can access are backed up.  The workaround for local backups with
Retrospect or Retrospect Express is to log in as an owner before backing up.
The workaround for network backup with Retrospect Clients is to log out and
remain in the login screen, or log in as an owner before backup.

(2c) Retrospect and Retrospect Express cannot restore files to a Documents
folder set to "write only" mode.

(2d) In both Retrospect and Retrospect Express some built-in selectors will
not work correctly when logged in as non-owner users (e.g. Documents & Hot
Items, Documents Folder, All files except cache files). The workaround is to
use the All files selector.

(2e) In Retrospect the following special folder selector conditions used in
making custom selectors will not work properly:

  Apple Menu Items
  Launcher Items
  Desktop Folder
  Desktop Pictures
  PrintMonitor Documents
  Shutdown Items
  Startup Items
  Shared Documents folder
  Internet Search Sites

The workaround is to create custom selectors using name conditions to match
these folders by name.

Older versions of Retrospect and Retrospect Express have not been qualified
for use with Mac OS 9 and should be updated to the above listed current
versions. Updaters may be downloaded from the Dantz website.


Dantz is working to address these issues in a future release of Retrospect.
We'll keep you updated.

> From: Steve Maser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Reply-To: "retro-talk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 10:49:42 -0500
> To: "retro-talk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Does anybody get Retro 4.2 to autolaunch the app in "multiple users"
> in Mac OS 9.0?
> Hi all,
> I changed my home machine from basic Mac OS 9.0 to "Multiple User"
> settings to allow my 3-year-old daughter to hack on the machine in
> her "user mode".
> But since setting up Multiple Users, my automatic scripts aren't
> auto-launching retrospect at the appropriate time when I'm logged in
> as the "owner" user.
> The Retrospect icon will flash in the Apple Menu when the scheduled
> time for the script has past, but the program will not automatically
> launch as before.
> Having the program running prior to the script time will run the
> script, though, as will launching the program after the script time
> when the icon is flashing in the Apple Menu.
> I don't expect Retrospect to launch in my daughter's limited-user
> login, but I would think it should still launch in the "owner" login
> as that's supposed to be the "master" login that functions as if
> Multiple Users had no limitations.
> Anybody else have this problem?  Should I just dump and recreate my
> Retrospect preference files in the "owner" login?
> Thanks!
> - Steve
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