>I plan to switch from CD-RW to CD-r as my backup media for my home 
>network (2-3 machines on a 10Mbit hub). However, burning CD:s with 
>Toast is a very sensitive process, how does Retrospect handle lag in 
>the network and other problems that can occur?
>Fact about my net: my "server" will be a Umax clone with 112MB RAM 
>and a 603e@200HMz, and my clients are a G4/400, maybe a Powerbook 
>520 and if possible a Sun Sparc IPX (can I do something with FTP 
>with this machine?).

With toast the minimum burn is aprox. 10 megabytes and the communications
between the machine and burner can't lag past the amount of time it takes
to empty the buffer on the burner.  Since the Mac is not a real-time machine,
if there is enough other activity going on, Toast won't be able to keep the
writers buffer from emptying.

Retrospect will only work with CD-R's that support packet writes.
With packet writing you can burn 56k packets (if I recall correctly)
and the backup is done as a series of small writes with no real-time
constraints - it can be started and stopped, packet by packet, all
along the way.

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