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>-0500 skrev Ben Liberman:
>>Retrospect will only work with CD-R's that support packet writes.
>>With packet writing you can burn 56k packets (if I recall correctly)
>>and the backup is done as a series of small writes with no real-time
>>constraints - it can be started and stopped, packet by packet, all
>>along the way.
>Why doesn't Toast work this way?
>And if my CD-burner supported Retro writeing CD-RW:s is that a sign 
>that it supports "packet writing"?

To answer your second question is Yes.

As for your first question - the short answer is that is wastes space.

There are several industry standards that relate to CD's.

Andy McFadden's CD-Recordable FAQ is very good and is updated monthly
and I'm fairly certain that all the questions that you can think of
will be better answered there than by me.



Also here is a quote from


"Packet writing allows the user to write very small amounts of data
at a time. Every time data is written it also creates "link blocks".
This is what the CD-R uses to link between recorded area and the next
area to be recorded. These link blocks create errors (and consequently,
problems) when trying to read continuously, as in a mastering application."


The Orange Book standard defines CD-Recordable discs with 
multisession capability.

    Part   Format    Version      Date     Comments
     I     CD-MO         -       Nov 1990  Magneto Optical re-writable discs
     II     CD-R       3.1       Dec 1998  was CD-WO - Write Once
     III   CD-RW       1.95      May 1998  ReWritable

  All three parts contain the following sections:

         Disc specification for unrecorded and recorded discs.
         Pre-groove modulation .
         Data organization including linking.
         Multisession and hybrid discs
         Recommendations for measurement of reflectivity, power control etc


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