I have a client that I'm setting up on a [Yamaha 4416S packet-writing] CDR and 
Retrospect 4.2 to backup his system daily. 

Occasionally I can get it to do the backup, but sooner or later the backup will error 


- 12/31/1999 3:00:41 AM: Copying MacHD on Mac
Couldn't write CD-R header to "1-Mac daily set 2", error 203 (hardware failure)
Device trouble: "1-Mac daily set 2", error 203 (hardware failure)
Additional error information for device "Yamaha CD-RW" [1:1],
 Sense > 70 00 04 0c 1d 33 00 0a 00 00 00 00 09 01 00 00 00 00
 (YAMAHA  |CRW4416S        |1.0g)


we tried a restoration once, and didn't have much luck. also tried rebuilding the 
indexes from media, but it choked 

[my client's quadriplegic, and needs as smooth an operation as possible.]

the CDR seems to work perfectly in every other test, just the backup.

any ideas? these two products seem like a perfect match.

thanks in advance, and happy gnu year!

Cameron Knowlton
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