Hi all,

Two new Retrospect Driver Updates for Macintosh are now available from the
Dantz website. They are:

  RDU 1.9 for Retrospect 4.2
  RDU 1.8 for Retrospect 4.1

These RDUs add support for new DDS-4 DAT drives and autoloaders from
Seagate, HP, and Sony. They also fix a bug we discovered in Retrospect 4.1
and 4.2 that could affect the usability of older DDS-1, -2, and -3 media in
DDS-4 DAT drives.

Additionally, RDU 1.9 adds support for the OnStream Echo SC30 SCSI tape
drive. Please note that the firmware of the OnStream Echo drive must be
updated to version 1.06 for Retrospect compatibility; versions prior to
1.0.6 are not supported and will not work.

Unfortunately, OnStream is not expecting to have the 1.06 firmware updater
available on their website for at least 30 days.

Beginning in February, OnStream will offer a Mac version of their Echo 30GB
drive, bundled with Retrospect, for an estimated street price of $699.

To recap, the following are all required for OnStream support with Mac

  o Retrospect 4.2
  o RDU 1.9
  o Firmware 1.06 from OnStream (currently unavailable)

We are working to add OnStream drive support to the Windows version of
Retrospect in the near future.

The new Retrospect Driver Updates may be downloaded from the Dantz website.


Happy New Year!


Eric Ullman, Technical Marketing
Dantz Development Corporation
+1.925.253.3032 voice
+1.925.253.9099 fax

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