At 6:10 PM -0800 on 8/1/00, Daniel O'Donnell wrote:
>Retrospect sees the client on the network (not logged in), but when 
>I try to log in the client, the application errors out with -1028, 
>client not on network.

I had a similar with a couple of PC's a while ago - i finally fixed 
this by  uninstalling & then installing once more. for the Mac, i 
don't see a "de-install" option in the installer, so i guess that 
means manually dragging the control panel & CSM to the trash & 
restarting. then install.

PS - does anyone else have a problem using the graphite keyboard that 
comes with the G4's? I'm finding that when I type normally, the left 
shift key press fails when attempting to type an upper case character 
- hence all the lower case letters starting sentances in the 
paragraph above. If i slow down a bit (it just happened again!) all 
is well. I don't have this problem with the imac keyboards.
Cheers, Grae.
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