I think I missed the info in this thread, but if there's a way to do 
this that's at all possible, I'd like to do so:

When we upgraded our file server, we went from an old 8550 with 
built-in "8Gig" DAT tape drive to a G3/450 with an external "40Gig" 
DLT drive.

While I'm keeping the 8550 around for approximately 6 months in order 
to be able to access an previously backed up material off those DAT 
tapes, I'm wondering if it's possible to somehow transfer the 
contents of more than one of the DAT tapes to one DLT tape?  (I know 
I'll lose the "snapshots", but that's OK for this purpose.)

Or if I'm "transfering between media" am I limited to only doing one 
DAT tape to one DLT tape?

Anybody do this sucessfully?

- Steve

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