That sounds great! We can read them while commuting to work with our
personal rocket-powered backpacks.

David Thornton wrote:
> Others have already thrown their jabs regarding Dan's comments in respect to
> his employer, so I won't bother. But to all of you who say that you can't do
> without a hard-copy book, I'd invite you to look into e-books. Check out
> <> and <>. These little
> gadgets are nothing to sneer at, and I would suggest that in five years,
> we'll all be toting one around. Think of it; storing an entire library
> inside a package the size of a paperback book. You can highlight & dogear to
> your heart's content, and in non-copyright situations, text can be copied &
> exported to other applications. Books can be "checked out" from electronic
> libraries, or purchased from web vendors.
> Many will balk at this supposed dependence on batteries & gadgets, but in a
> way, aren't we all dependent on technology to a degree already? We're in the
> throes of a publishing revolution; this is simply a logical extension of
> recent technological advances.
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