I'm sort of on the periphery of this issue, but I'd like to help the admins
at a local high school devise a reliable backup strategy for backing up a
FirstClass server that can't be taken off line during the workday (and
shouldn't be taken offline at other times either...). As I understand it,
there is a new "mirror" feature in FirstClass that allows the mirror to be
copied reliably. I believe SoftArc uses Finder IDs (rather than paths) to
locate important data & config files, so a Finder copy can't be used to do
a backup.

Anyway, the objective here is to minimize the damage done by a crash or
power outage to no more than a day (or less). It would be nice to have an
automated procedure that takes a snapshot of the entire FC system
periodically during the day...possibly to another partition.

Are there any FirstClass admins or knowledgeable out there that have
addressed this need with Retrospect??


Bob Humphrey

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