There are a couple of appraches you can take.

1.      If you simply double click on a VPC container file, it will mount itself on 
the desktop as a regular drive which you can then tinker with to your hearts content 
and even backup.  Caveats are that since you are interacting with the drive through 
the MacOS, you will see some problems with files who's names exceed 32 characters.  
(oh when will I get my OS X?)

2.      Set up the VPC as a PC network client.  Problem:  I've never been able to get 
this working locally on a single machine using either the shared IP or independent IP 
addressing setup within VPC.  If you have another machine networked to this one, you 
can certainly do this properly.

3.      Buy a copy of Retrospect for Windows and backup the VPC container to a file 
storageset located in a MacOS shared folder which will be considerably smaller due to 
the compression and skipping all the empty space in the PC HD container.  Not optimal, 
but functional.

Good luck!

Erik Ableson

On Tue, Jan 18, 2000 at 02:21:31PM -0800, Bob Durst wrote:
> How does one back up the data files (not the whole virtualPC install-it's
> too big) of Virtual PC on a Mac? Is the method any different if Virtual is
> on the same Mac as Retrospect is running on?

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