I just purchased the server version after having much grief with Veritas Backup Exec and have a few problems.


I called Dantz before buying the product and they said yes to the 9210 being supported however when the media is in the drive it does not show up on the list.   The attachment shows there is not a driver available for the 9210 or the DVD drive or even the zip.  I do have media in the drives.  What might I be doing wrong.


When doing a backup with a DDS3 tape it should handle 12 gig uncompressed or 24 gig compressed.  When it gets to 12 Retrospect is asking for another tape.  I even tried to select choices for software compression but since drive has hardware Retrospect will use that.  The manual says that if the drive says DC it supports Hardware Compression.  The attached image shows the properties of the drive. Ideas??  I have dried several DDS3 tapes.  I have also erased tapes several times.  Format choices is not available. 


System Properties

Windows 2000 Server RC 2 Build 2128

Micron PIII 600

320 Meg Ram

2 9 gig LVD SCSI Hard drives

HP 9210 CDR

Hitachi DVD Ram drive

HP 40i DDS4 tape drive

Internal Zip Atapi

Adaptec 2940u2 LVD controller card


The hard drives and the 40i are on the same SCSI chain with active termination set and hooked onto the 68 pin LVD connector on the SCSI card.  The CDrom and the CDR and are on another chain hooked into the 50 pin connector on the 2940 Adaptec card. 


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