When doing a backup with a DDS3 tape it should handle 12 gig
uncompressed or 
> 24 gig compressed.  When it gets to 12 Retrospect is asking for another tape.  
> I even tried to select choices for software compression but since drive has hardware 
> Retrospect will use that.  The manual says that if the drive says DC it
> supports Hardware Compression.  The attached image shows the properties
> of the drive. Ideas??  I have dried several DDS3 tapes.  I have also
> erased tapes several times.  Format choices is not available.  

The hardware compression option is set when you create the backup set.
And once 
selected can't be changed for that set. Erasing a tape doesn't affect
hardware compression. Also the 12/24 capacity is based on the hardware
being able to do a lot of compression but isn't guaranteed. If it's
all ZIP files then you'll get 12gig or maybe less. The less can come
from the drive not streaming. This will occur if you system doesn't
keep the SCSI pipeline to the drive full.

BTW, It's considered poor form to send formatted messages to most lists.

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