What is the current status of this?  Last time I talked to someone at Dantz tech support they said that it had been reproduced in the lab.
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Hi Greg,

We've seen this issue before with several other users, and are currently
investigating its cause. I'll be contacting you offline to get some more
information about this client's configuration.

If anyone else is also experiencing this problem, please contact us at
925.253.3050 or at [EMAIL PROTECTED]


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

Greg Jewett wrote:
>Hello all..
>Here is a new one.  We have many different laptops on the network,
>and we are using Retrospect to back them up.  We think this is
>Retrospect doing this, as the old v1.1 of the client was called
>"*Remote".  However we are now using Retrospect Client 5.0, and it is
>called "Retrospect Client".
>When we have a Windows NT Laptop that is being shutdown, sometimes a
>dialog will appear with the label "*Remote", and a message found
>saying "The task could not be shutdown..."  You have the options to
>"Abort, End Task, ..".
>For anyone who has used the "Task Manager" on Windows NT, has has
>tried to "Force-Quit" (End Task) a specified process, you might get
>this dialog if it won't quit gracefully, and you want to force
>Windows NT to kill the process.
>If you hit "End Task", it will end the process, and continue in the
>shutdown events and shutdown.
>We have noticed that this will happen if the laptop was disconnected
>from the network, or was never connected to the network, and they
>either dialed-in or authenticated with cached information when
>logging into the machine.
>Anyone know why "*Remote" will not quit gracefully, and Windows NT
>has to pop up this dialog and ask to "End Task" to move on to a
>Thanks! :)
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