I have a Lacie DLT 2000 tape drive... Recently I updated our server to
OS9, ASIP 6.3, and Retrospect 4.2 - from OS 8.6, ASIP 6.2, and
Retrospect 4.1. Ever since Retrospect has not been the same. It crashes
every time we try to back up and it retrieves most of the time ok. When
it crashes it also makes all lights on the DLT drive flash. I turn the
DLT drive off for a while and then its back to normal (I use that term
loosely), until it crashes again. I was thinking that the DLT drive
might need a firmware update, I have no clue.... but I haven't got a
good backup in a week. Lacie's webpage is no help, I don't see anything
for the DLT 2000.  I was also thinking I might have to update the
drivers on the Hard drives (since they are FWB 3.0.1 RAID). I would like
to get a good back up before I do this though!!

My server is stable when Retrospect is not running!! Is anyone else
having problems with Retrospect 4.2, ASIP 6.3 and OS9? Any Ideas?
Most people HAVE to use a PC, I GET to use a Mac.

Chris Ross
Regional System Administrator
Trader Publishing


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