I was having a real problem until I added the latest driver update, the one
specifically for DDS-4 drives.  While that update may not apply to DLT
drives it sure solved some serious crashes with OS9 and Retro 4.2.  I think
it may have fixed some things other than just DDS-4 drives.  You may also
find some relief if you remove the FBC Scheduler extension and Find by
Content Extension.  That suggestion came from the ASIP bug team.


Chris Ross wrote:

> I have a Lacie DLT 2000 tape drive... Recently I updated our server to
> OS9, ASIP 6.3, and Retrospect 4.2 - from OS 8.6, ASIP 6.2, and
> Retrospect 4.1. Ever since Retrospect has not been the same.
> snip>
> Is anyone else
> having problems with Retrospect 4.2, ASIP 6.3 and OS9? Any Ideas?

Craig Gaevert, A.I.A.
Architect / Associate / Systems Administrator
TLCD Architecture
Santa Rosa, CA

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