Can anyone help me here.....

We are using Retrospect 4.2 for macintosh.
There is a user who wants to be able to bring in an arbitrary zip disk,
put it into his machine during the day and have it backed up....

We have backups running during the day (for laptops etc..), so this
should be quite simple. The problem is that we have to define each zip
disk that retrospect hasn't seen before as a volume on the client machine
before Retrospect will back it up. 

A daytime backup of the entire machine is not acceptable as this would
impede work.

Is there a way to tell retrospect only to backup removable devices or, to
define the zip drive as a volume? Or does anyone know another way this can
be achieved.

Many thanks,  

       Geoff Lee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
       Computing Support
       Human Communication Research Centre      
       University of Edinburgh                  
       2, Buccleuch Place                      
       EH8 9LW                                  
       Scotland, UK 

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