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"Backup of removable volumes":

>Can anyone help me here.....
>We are using Retrospect 4.2 for macintosh.
>There is a user who wants to be able to bring in an arbitrary zip disk,
>put it into his machine during the day and have it backed up....
>We have backups running during the day (for laptops etc..), so this
>should be quite simple. The problem is that we have to define each zip
>disk that retrospect hasn't seen before as a volume on the client machine
>before Retrospect will back it up.
>A daytime backup of the entire machine is not acceptable as this would
>impede work.
>Is there a way to tell retrospect only to backup removable devices or, to
>define the zip drive as a volume? Or does anyone know another way this can
>be achieved.

This is the set up I have is for each client:

Under the General tab there is a popup menu for Backup.  The choices are Client 
Desktop, Startup Volume, and Selected Volumes.

I have it set to Client Desktop.  The caveat is that the zip disk would have to be 
mounted as a volume on the client machine DURING a backup session that the client is a 
part of.

There is no way I'm aware of to backup a Zip disk when the Zip disk is not in the 
machine and a backup is taking place.  You simply cannot backup something that is not 

You have three solutions.

1.  Have the user copy any data to their machine to have it backed up during a normal 
backup schedule
2.  Leave the Zip disk in the machine over night to have it backed up during a normal 
backup schedule
3.  Set up a "Backup Server" script similar to how you would for laptop users.  Add 
the client machines that you would like to have this ability to the script.  This 
would allow, assuming the client machine has the Retrospect control strip installed, 
the user to tell the retrospect server to back up their machine.  The easy way is to 
just let it backup everything (incrementally of course).  The side effect would be 
that stuff would get backed up more frequently from the local hard drives on those 
client machines.


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