I too had bad experiances with DAT DDS-2, but I have found DDS-3 mechanisms
to be much more reliable, and the media cost is cheaper than DDS-2 (tapes
can be purchased for <$20/ 12GB uncompressed.  Real results give me usually
19-20 GB per tape.

Hope this helps
-Philip Chonacky

>It's been a while since I set up a backup system from scratch, so I'm
>looking for some recommendations.
>My town Arts Council has a headless network of 3 macs and no backup
>system in place ... recently one machine had a catastrophic disk crash
>and they now understand why backup would be a good idea. I've
>volunteered to help them set up something that will work within their
>extremely limited budget.
>What tape formats do people like these days? DLT is too expensive and
>I've had so many bad experiences with DAT that I don't want to go that way.
>Ease of use and reliability are the main concerns; capacity in the 10-15
>GB range should be plenty.
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