Have you set your TCP/IP control panel to communicate through the card
at the new slot?  If not, you are probably connecting via Appletalk.

> Subject: slot selection and backups
> From: "Stefan Jeglinski" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 10:19:29 -0500
> I have a PowerTowerPro with an Apple OEM 10/100 ethernet card being
> backed up by a 6500 with a DAT tape running Retrospect. The 6500 has
> an identical 10/100 card in it, and the connection is through a 100BT
> hub. From long experience with the limitations of the 6500 and the
> DAT, I know that a sustained 10MB/min to tape is what to expect and
> for my purposes this is just fine (when I started using Retro,
> 10MB/min was the best I could do with a plain 10BT card as well, so
> yes 100BT is not helpful here).
> Yesterday, in -successfully- troubleshooting a conflict on the
> PowerTower involving a TV card, I moved the 10/100 card from its
> original slot (4th down from top) to a new slot (2nd down from top).
> The backup now proceeds slowly at 2-3MB/min and there are constant
> Net Retries. No dreaded 519s yet but I am expecting them.
> I've done a cuda reset and zapped PRAM and tossed Appleshare prefs
> (including invisibles) on the PowerTower. I will be moving around the
> 10/100 card again to try to reproduce this, and trying some other
> stuff like normal network copies too sleuth it.
> Meanwhile, I have read non-authoritative discussions of the
> differences in some slots and how they are used, but can anyone at
> Dantz comment on this? Performance from less than one day earlier
> with all the same hardware suggests that a network issue, outside of
> the slot selection, is exceedingly unlikely.
> Stefan Jeglinski
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