I have a Quantum DLT8000 tape drive that I want to hookup to a BW G3.
Currently, I have two Adaptec cards in the BW. One is a BTO card that came
with the machine (Ultra-2 SCSI, LVD). The other is a 2940UW that I
purchased to run another tape drive. When I plug the DLT8000 into the U2LVD
card, the BW will not recognize any of the drives on the SCSI chain - bad
thing since my hard drives are chained off that one.

I just found out that the DLT8000 is Ultra2 HVD. Will LVD and HVD not work
together? Does anyone know off hand what SCSI card from Adaptec I will need
to buy to make this work?

Ron Livingston
Systems Engineer
Siecor RD&E

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