Hello the list,

I'd appreciate some advice on a problem I'm having in getting Retrospect
working. I have so far just tried doing an immediate backup, but it
stops running sometime shortly after it starts. The time it takes to
fail is variable but seems to be around 60 Mb into the first volume. The
writing light goes out and the progress indicator stops changing. I can
click the Pause and Continue buttons OK, but if I click Stop the program
becomes unavailable. The system quickly becomes unstable and I have to
reboot. When I do this I get a message saying that there is a problem
with the cache, and telling me to delete the cache, cookies and history
folders before restarting IE (bizarre, since I'm not even using IE on my
system). These folders seem to contain little of interest apart from
files called mm2048.dat and mm256.dat. I have to stop the Retrospect
launcher service before I can delete these files and folders. I can then
start Retrospect again.

System details: I am using Retrospect Workgroup backup on a Dell
Dimension PII 266 with 128 MB RAM. I am running Windows NT WS 4.0 SP3 on
this box. I have two network clients - one running NT and the other an
iMac running MacOS 9 (though the problem occurs even when I am only
trying to back up the PC where Retrospect is installed). I am backing up
to a CD-R on a Yamaha CRW4416S (on the compatibility list on the web),
and using TDK media. I can write CD-Rs and CD-RWs with the Adaptec
software with no problems.

Any help or pointers much appreciated - I've lost 5 CD-Rs yesterday
working on this and I'm reluctant to try it again until I know more.
I've mailed this to support@dantz too, BTW.

Thanks folks,

Ian Piper
1999 Triumph Legend TT - 'A legend in my own lifetime'

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