I can't see anything in the help about writing to a file instead of a
backup device - how do I do it?

> Hello Ian
>     I have been using Retrospect 5.0 also and was getting the IE error
> message too, but I just pressed OK and it didn't seem to effect Retro
> at all. Mysteriously the problem went away. The only thing that chang
> ed was I was using the Eval Version and then Purchased it, and entered
> the new code. Sometime after that the problem went away. Don't know if
> it's related. As far as the backup problem try to do a backup to a
> file instead of CD and see if that makes a dif ference. I don't think
> the problem is related to IE but you never know, that thing is wrapped
> into everything.

Ian Piper
1999 Triumph Legend TT - 'A legend in my own lifetime'

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