Hey all,

Clear Ink (the company hosting working-dogs.com and latchkey.com) is moving
to a new physical location starting tomorrow (thurs) and going on until
friday night. The new location is beautiful and we are definitely moving up
in the world (fully switched/routed 100bt network) with a totally awesome
server room. ;-) 

Server (ie: CVS) and mailing list access to working-dogs.com and
latchkey.com may be spotty as we relocate servers and re-do ip addresses
etc. If you are having problems connecting after friday night, chances are
that the IP addresses have been cached on your local servers (i set our
timeouts very low a few weeks ago to help prevent problems) and you will
need to wait until the old mappings expire or restart your DNS servers.

Consider yourself warned and please do not email me telling me that you
can't get to the servers. ;-) I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may



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