To make sure that you are going to get those settings and permissions 
backed-up, make sure that you immediate/or scheduled script has the 
option to backup the NTFS permissions (a setting under the Windows 
Client options).

Also you definitely want to make sure that the registry and other 
portions of Windows 2000 (if you are using W2K), are backed up as 
well.   (also a setting under the Windows Client options)


At 10:28 PM -0700 2/16/00, Craig Isaacs wrote:
>>  If I do a full backup of any ntfs parition with retro server 5 will the
>>  security/permissions of all files backed up be saved and restored if needed?
>>  I'm fairly confident it will, I guess I just need confirmation and
>>  assurance of the process from someone with experience of the process.
>>  maz
>However, I highly recommend you test your backups. It's always a good idea to
>restore occasionally just to make sure everything's working the way you expect
>it to.
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