I just subscribed, so excuses for the usual reasons, please...

I'm responsible for backing up a mixed environment with both stationary 
and mobile computers. 
For the mobile computers I figured that a Backup Server script would be 
the most suitable, since those users work on very different times of the 
day, but for the stationary computers I've set up a Backup script that's 
supposed to run at 10 p.m. every night.

Now, every Friday I've set up a recycle backup, spanning four sets of 
tapes (for four weeks between recycling of one set), and then I do normal 
backups Saturday through Thursday. I set the normal backups as starting 
the same day (Friday) as the recycle backup, but setup to run on Monday, 
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. 

The problem is, Retrospect seems to forget the normal backups, and moves 
on to the next backup set. When I get back after a weekend and the users 
are worried that they haven't been backed up, I set the normal backup to 
start on Friday the week before (where it was originally). Retrospect 
immediately backs up all the computers, but then forgets all executions 
of the backup set for four weeks.

I'm sure I'm doing something obviously wrong here, but I can't figure out 

Thanks in advance,
/Robert Staflin

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