Ditto this problem. Except that I can connect to the backup server, 
and start to do some operations, but then get disconnected with an 
error message: "The remote machine is running an incompatible version 
of Timbuktu." OS 8.6 on both machines, with Retro 4.2 Backup Server 
running on a B&W G3, and Timbuktu 5.2.2 on both machines. I assumed 
it was some other problem (I do the remote admin via a modem dialup 
to my ISP, and through a proxy to my network). But maybe the combo of 
OS, Retro, and Timbuktu is doing something weird.

Jim Coefield

>Subject: Backup Server Interfering with Timbuktu (MAC)
>From: "Michael L. McLean" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 10:12:51 -0500
>I have recently started using the backup server feature instead of just a
>scripted backup. It seems that every time the backup server is active, even
>just "waiting," I can not connect to my backup computer via Timbuktu.
>Is this a known problem, and/or is there some kind of fix.
>Note: the times that I try to connect, after I walk to the computer and
>check it the backup server is simply idling, it has completed all its backup
>tasks for the day.

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