Hello All,

Disclaimer: Please accept my apologies if this is a case of RTFM.  I am new to
the list and fairly new to Retrospect.  I am trying to help a friend get going
with Retrospect (sorry, I'm on a PC at work, Retrospect is on her Mac). Friend
has MacOS8.x on Mac G4.

My questions:

1) My friend desires a "turnkey" solution - absolute minimal intervention (but
probably good logging desired! ;-)).
2) She's been battling errors/notifications when swapping Jaz cartridges (from
one backup session to another - NOT for contiguous backup).  Usually yacking
that this or that storage set wasn't (or couldn't be) found. Or not enough
(additional) room on the cartridge, etc.
3) She has 2 or 3 Jaz cartridges.
4) She is a very small business.  No network. No clients, servers, etc.
5) Did she get the wrong product? (This is *NOT* Dantz bashing!)  Can
Retrospect accomplish what she wants (a simple, backup utility)? Or would
something like DiskFit have been better?

Here are some requirements/questions:

We *DON'T CARE* if the cartridge has a previous or different back-up on it. We
need the most "dumbed down" logic to apply here... "If there's a good
cartridge in the Jaz, then ***DO IT***" -- I know how to define "it" within
the program (what folders, etc. to back up).  And specifying a "FULL" back-up
seems to minimize the back-talk and yammering the program does.  HOWEVER,
everytime my "Easy Script" (or whatever it's called) is run, I have to SPECIFY
to a "FULL" backup.  Apparently, this preference is not (properly?) recorded
in the script. It wants to default to a "new" (?) backup instead of a "full".

Her backup "methodology" (ahem) may be, ahem, "quirky".  That is, sometimes
the backup may go to cartridge #1, and again to #1, then #2, then #1, then #2,
#2, #2, #1, #2, #1, and so on... you never know.  One cartridge will be off
premises at all times, but sometimes she will want to make a backup quicker
than they can be rotated.  If this makes any sense... (Be kind! ;-))  I don't
know how much this methodology will addlepate any scripts or "storeage sets"
or whatever.  But now you see the necessity of "DON'T CARE" what cartridge is
in the Jaz drive. I'd prefer running just one script - and that's been MY
goal - but maybe my logic is flawed.  Should (MUST) I have one script per

I want it to do a "FULL" by default.  I'm not an AppleScript guru, but I was
wondering if anyone else has walked this path ahead of me, and has a simple
"brute force" script I could scam/adapt for my purposes.

Before you respond, consider also that almost any and every "exception" to
flawless operation will result in a phone call to me, day or night! Any
"*unexpected*" dialogue boxes, etc; are a "show stopper".

In a couple days I wil lhave access to BOTH/all cartridges at the same time if
I have to give them a consistant name, etc.

This is what makes me think, MAYBE AppleScripting may be the way to go here.
But I'm not a programmer - just a Mac bigot!  ;-)  If so, does anyone have a
basic script I can "borrow" - hints on how to adapt it, if necessary, are

*ANY* hints and tips are greatly appreciated.  This has been a colossal thorn
in my, err, (back) side.

HELLLLLPPPP! I'm frantic here!!

(Thanks!  I feel better now!)

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