Hello.  Thanks for taking the time to write.  I'm happy with your response
over-all, but...


: I have written a script for a small company that owns an iMac, a
: Powerbook, and a PC, networked. The iMac has a zip disk connected.
: The script can copy any source target to any destination target,

But will it automagically overwrite/kill/ignore any exisitng "Retro" data on
the target?  Or will it balk and want a new/different catridge.  Hint - she's
backing up about 1 GB to a Jaz cartridge (~1GB).


: iMac, then copy this folder en masse to the zip. It searches for a
: specifically-named zip drive (mon, tue, wed, etc) for daily backup,
: and can be made to refuse to run if it can't find it (right now it
: reports a possible error with option to try again or continue). It
: has a verbose debug mode to search for problems in development.

Such reporting and searching for drives, would NOT be a Good Thing for my
friend.  If the Jaz isn't powered up or ready (avail to SCSI and/or cartridge
in it), then obviously she'll need to know that, but other than that,
notificiations, dialogues, etc., should be kept to a very dull roar (maybe a 4
or 5 step process, max.).

: It is slow, but it works. I'm working out the last couple of quirks,
: and adding a report capability to it, hopefully one that can send an
: e-mail report. Also to be added is .sit compression. It does no

I see from the Retrospect manual that it supports e-mailing (but is this only
through AppleScripting?).  I'd like to know at my e-mail address everytime she
backs up - whether it worked or not.  Then I'll turn it off after 6 months of
success! %^}

: auto-restore (you have to go search and drag) yet, and also does no
: incremental backup yet. But I hope to add these.

Sounds cool!


: If I supply it free, your support will be limited to what you would
: expect, but Applescript is not all that hard. That said, being a Mac

I get what I "pay for"?! ;-)

: bigot by itself will not help you. The paths set in my backup script
: are "hard coded" (for now); you will have to open it up in script
: editor, understand what you are doing, change it, and recompile it.

Hmmm... yeah, I might be interested in seeing it.  Please send it along.  I
solemly swear not to turn it into the greatest commercial product since
(insert fave Mac app. here!). For personal use only. I may or may not end up
gutting and fileting it if I can understand it.  I've seen scripts that were
quite intuitive to me, and others that really sent me screaming into the
night.  Nevertheless, I usually learn _something_ from them!

: >Please cc any replies to: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
: I'm posting back to the list in case anyone else wants it. For me, it
: mostly has been how I learned Applescript. It's been fun, but I've
: suggested to the company that they buy Retrospect :-), since their

Dooohhhh!  So your saying your script is not a Retrospect-friendly (but rather
a "stand alone" back-up) script?

: backup needs will be growing. If anybody wants this, send me e-mail,
: I will put your name in the basket, and shortly I will spiff it up
: and make it available.

Sure, what the heck, send me a copy - with the understanding that it's as much
out of curiousity as much as anything else... I may or may not actually use it
(no offense intended!). [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Meanwhile... my friend already has Retrospect (I suspect this may have been
"overkill" - maybe DiskFit would have been better?)... any suggestions as to
how to "streamline"/simply it's operation for her? Maybe "Retrospect Express"
is more of a single user/consumer product???  I dunno...

Thanks all,


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