I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this. We have offices in 
Europe, Australia and the US of A. People travel with their 
notebooks/powerbooks all the time between the different countries. We need 
to back these people up no matter which office they are in.

Currently I have a Backup server set up in each country with notebooks 
being backed up using the server and desktops that are backed up at night. 
They both go to the same tape which does a full backup on the weekend and 
incremental during the week.

Now I have some ideas but it would help if someone has tried this.

Strategy One:
(I don't know how dantz will feel about this one, I'll have to read the 
Register the notebook in each country so everyone who is portable will get 
backed up no matter where they are.

Strategy Two:
Use the Retrospect Internet backup server that uses ftp. This one I'm not 
happy about, it has a few consequences I don't like. one is setting up a 
large hard disk and backup with ftp using the retrospect software.
Problems I have experienced with this in the past include large backups, 
say between 100mg to 1gig. You need to transfer it to tape frequently 
otherwise the hard disk gets full quickly. Another words a very manual 
task. Secondly I've had the server files corrupt beyond repair and have 
lost 14gig of backups. Thirdly I don't want it to backup over a modem for 
obvious reasons though I don't think it would.

Looks like the first strategy is best but I would like some advice if possible.

Sorry for the long email, thanks in advance.


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