I can assure you it works (or should).

I've got 3 B&W G3-450s running Retro 4.2 with the ADK (1.6? 1.7?) that
supports HP's DLT Library (autoloader). The libraries are attached to
Adaptec PCI (duh!) PowerDomain 2940UWs.

It works flawlessly, and has for about 8 months so far.

I hav had a LOT of problems with the DLT libraries, however. And the
problems ARE the libraries. I can't recommend getting the C5173L (I think
that's the model number).

Anyway, if I can keep the DLTs working, the whole thing works perfectly.


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Hi everyone.

We're trying to get a couple of DLT7000 drives to work on a few of our
servers (B&W G3 with OrangeMicro SCSI Cards, B&W G3 with Adaptec SCSI 
PowerMac WGS with Built-in SCSI to name a couple) but cannot get the DLT
drives to consistently work through a backup.

Sometimes we'll get part way through, other times they'll get most of the
way, but they seem to suffer some kind of hardware reset - similar to 
you power on the drive - and Retrospect either hangs or crashes out.

The failure seems to come on regardless of whether or not we're backing 
up local or remote volumes - it seems random.

Can anyone tell me:
a) If the DLT 7000 is supported by Dantz - with the ADK if necessary
b) If there are any known conflicts with either DLT drives or SCSI cards
c) If anyone is actually using DLT7000s with Retrospect.
d) How to make this work :)

Hope someone can help - we're being forced to move away from exabyte
drives and need the capacity of DLTs.



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