>Hi everyone.
>We're trying to get a couple of DLT7000 drives to work on a few of our
>servers (B&W G3 with OrangeMicro SCSI Cards, B&W G3 with Adaptec SCSI cards,
>PowerMac WGS with Built-in SCSI to name a couple) but cannot get the DLT
>drives to consistently work through a backup.
>Sometimes we'll get part way through, other times they'll get most of the
>way, but they seem to suffer some kind of hardware reset - similar to when
>you power on the drive - and Retrospect either hangs or crashes out.
>The failure seems to come on regardless of whether or not we're backing
>up local or remote volumes - it seems random.
>Can anyone tell me:
>a) If the DLT 7000 is supported by Dantz - with the ADK if necessary
>b) If there are any known conflicts with either DLT drives or SCSI cards
>c) If anyone is actually using DLT7000s with Retrospect.
>d) How to make this work :)

We have a PowerMac 9500 (with G3 upgrade), an Adaptec 2940UW SCSI 
card, and a Quantum DLT-7000, and it works flawlessly.

Do you have the proper SCSI termination on the drive?  It needs to be 
an "active" terminator.  You might also check your SCSI cables to 
make sure they're of good quality.  A low quality cable can certainly 
cause problems.

You definitely want something like an Adaptec 2940UW (which I think 
is discontinued, actually) to get maximum performance out of your DLT 
drive.  I've heard of many problems with
Orange Micro SCSI cards, and the built-in SCSI on a Mac is 8 times 
slower than what a DLT drive is capable of.

Also be sure to disable any unneeded extensions/control 
panels/startup items.  That may help as well.

  You might also look into a UPS for your tape drives.  If the drives 
seem to be resetting themselves, you might have a power problem of 
some sort.  A UPS would help eliminate that, at least until you can 
figure out what the actual problem might be.


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