I'm having trouble keeping my DHCP clients activated with Retrospect 
4.2 for Mac.

The clients, on a 10Bt hub, were all connecting fine via Appletalk 
and Retrospect 4.1

I began by updating the application to 4.2. Then I went into the 
client database and began switching client protocol to TCP/IP. After 
switching, they disappeared from the network. So we began updating 
the clients by going from system to system and running the updater.

The next day I noticed that the clients were inactive in the client 
database. After looking at the clients in the network window, the 
systems also were active in the client database.

We updated a couple of systems again that day to get them to 4.2. 
Next day, again all the clients in the database are inactive. Nothing 
got backed up the night before. I know at least one of the clients 
got a full install of 4.2 from scratch, not an update.

I could use some suggestions as to why this is happening.

Todd Reed

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