Last night a bunch of Retrospect Backup for Windows 5.0 disk to disk backups
failed because there was insufficient space on the disk which holds the
storage sets ... it was as if the system decided to do a recycle without
resetting the storage set first or Retrospect "thought" every file had been

I've looked at the files on the server (a Cobalt Qube BTW ... wouldn't a
client be nice) and dates have not changed.

What did change yesterday was that although daylight saving has NOT ended
NT4 decided it had (and reset the clock) so I turned off the "Automatically
adjust clock for daylight saving changes" and changed time zone instead.

I guess changing time zone was "bad", but with daylight saving we are
effectively +1100 instead of the usual +1000.

Is the time zone change what cause my problem.

Is this a "problem" Dantz can fix in Retrospect or is it a WinNT 4.0 problem
(which will NEVER be fixed) or is it something I shouldn't have done in the
first place.

Cheers,  Malcolm
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