>Does anyone have any experience with the LaCie AIT 35 GB/70 GB drives?

I've been using an APS 35/70 AIT drive for ~5 months now on a biege desktop
266MHz G3 running MacOS 9 & Retrospect 4.1 (now 4.2) to do nightly backups
on 24 disks on 12 Macs & 2 PC's with zero problems from the tape drive.  At
~$2K for the drive plus something like $300 for an Adaptec 2940UW ultra
wide SCSI card it was financially much more attractive than ~$4K for a
35/70 DLT drive.  I had a LaCie 15/30 DLT drive for ~2 years before that &
was very happy with it but the $$$ difference was too much to pass up when
our data storage outgrew the DLT.  Based on my experience to date, I would
certainly recommend this AIT drive & SCSI card.

Regards, Ted

Ted Baker
System/Database Administrator
7 Borehole Bldg., 61 Rt. 9-W
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
   of Columbia University
Palisades,  New York  10964

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