An easy way to do this is to create a new Backup Server script that has an
interval of 99 days between backups to the same backup set as your nightly
script. Make it active all day long. Your users can basically request a
backup whenever they want without a server-initiated backup to interrupt
them during the day (unless it's been 99 days since this script last backed
them up).

For more details on this, see p. 133 of both the Retrospect 4.2 and 5.0
User's Guides, under "Strategy 7čOn-Demand Backup Server."


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> That must be some conscientious group of users you have there. Maybe an
> applescript could make this work.
> The backup server is designed around the principle that users will never
> initiate a backup of their own, at least not according to any reliable
> schedule. Even if this is going to be part of your backup scheme, I hope
> you will continue to run regular backups at night off the server... user
> backup is too important to be left to the users!
> Kristin Connelly wrote:
>> I'm running the Mac version of Retrospect and each night the backup
>> server backs up all of the client machines.
>> I would like to write a script that will allow each client to use the
>> control strip module to initiate an immediate backup during the day
>> at a time of their choice, but I don't want this script to try to
>> back up the client computers on its own.
>> Is there a way to make such a script?  Is there a way to use the CSM
>> to do an immediate backup up if the client is not part of a script
>> that is active all the time?
>> Thanks in advance for your help.
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