Late last year I bought Retrospect Express and found it excellent 
working with my syjet.  Unfortunately the syjet died and for the past 
2 months I have been having a very frustrating time trying to find 
out what would be the best CD-RW replacement.

It seems that the models Dantz says are compatible on their list are 
always "out of stock"

I use a Mac 7200/90 and I have noticed the APS line seems to be 
popular but the Yamaha 4x4x16 and 6x4x16 innards have caused grief.

  Now they are selling a 8x4x24 SCSI.  Will it work with my Retrospect 
Express?  If not now, do you think they will eventually have a 
Retrospect Express working with it?

Is there a Cd-RW that would be the ideal problem-free machine that I 
should be looking for.  Speed is not that important - good service is.
Bruce Haig                 Explorers of the West Sketchbook Project

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