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I've just started using Retrospect Desktop 5.1 on Windows 2000 (W2K) 
Professional, backing up to a tape drive. Everything seems to be working 
fine; I've restored a few directories for testing purposes, and compared 
them to the originals, without problems.

However, I seem to have trouble at two points in my daily scheduled 
unattended backups:

1) W2K's indexing server builds a directory "System Volume Information" in 
the root of each indexed volume, giving it and all contents the hidden & 
system attributes. The only access permissions are full access for NT 
AUTHORITY/System, so it is effectively off-limits to everyone, including 
the Administrator. I want to exclude this directory tree from all further 
backups (the information is easily rebuilt), so I've added the folder 
"System Volume Information" to the exclusions in the file selector for 
that daily backup script ("name exactly matches ..." etc.). But Retrospect 
still trys to include it in the daily snapshot, so still generates errors 
when the file backup begins, e.g.:

-       26/03/2000 12:11:08 AM: Copying USER (D:)
                File "D:\System Volume Information\catalog.wci\CiCL0001.000": can't 
security information, error -1020 (sharing violation)
                File "D:\System Volume Information\catalog.wci\CiP10000.000": can't 
security information, error -1020 (sharing violation)
                File "D:\System Volume Information\catalog.wci\CiP20000.000": can't 
security information, error -1020 (sharing violation)
                File "D:\System Volume Information\catalog.wci\CiPT0000.000": can't 
security information, error -1020 (sharing violation)
                File "D:\System Volume Information\catalog.wci\CiSL0001.000": can't 
security information, error -1020 (sharing violation)
                File "D:\System Volume Information\catalog.wci\CiSP0000.000": can't 
security information, error -1020 (sharing violation)
                File "D:\System Volume Information\catalog.wci\CiST0000.000": can't 
security information, error -1020 (sharing violation)
                File "D:\System Volume Information\catalog.wci\CiVP0000.000": can't 
security information, error -1020 (sharing violation)
                File "D:\System Volume Information\catalog.wci\INDEX.000": can't read 
security information, error -1020 (sharing violation)
        26/03/2000 12:40:29 AM: Snapshot stored, 17.1 MB

Now, how do I get around this and definitively exclude this particular 
hidden directory from the daily snapshot, hence from attempts to retrieve 
file information? (There are other system/hidden files elsewhere on the 
volume that I still want to include, so excluding all files or directories 
with hidden/system attributes is not what I want to do.)

And shouldn't Retrospect be trying to obtain security information without 
attempting to lock out other programs that may have the file open? (In 
this case, the indexing daemon.)  ARCserve.IT gives a specific option to 
attempt retrying operations on files using the "Deny None" file sharing 

2) What should I make of this daily error in the backup log:

                File "D:\DOWNLOAD\SW\NetStuff\Servers\Mail\ftgate22.exe": didn't 
compare, reached end of file.

When I restore the file for comparison purposes, the file fetched from the 
tape exactly matches the original in disk. I also checked that the disk 
version did not have any hidden NTFS streams. (Q: retrospect does 
enumerate & backup ALL streams associated with files on NTFS volumes, yes? 
I would of course be shocked & scandalised to learn that it did not, given 
that this is an original mac application, a platform where alternate file 
streams are absolutely normal!)

Finally, some questions related to these problems:

1) I notice that the "Retrospect Launcher" service runs under the Local 
System account. I'm not too familiar with the exact gyrations that it 
would have to go through for an unattended launch of the actual Retrospect 
program, but will the program have the correct set of user rights that 
include the backup/restore privileges? If the program does have these 
rights, then it should have no problem reading security information, 
surely. (ARCserve.IT [W2K version] doesn't report any problem on the same 

All in all, though, Retrospect seems an excellent program, certainly more 
appropriate for my purposes than ARCserve.IT which, while featureful and 
actually easy to set up for a single PC (but let's not talk about making 
complete restores that include only the most recent versions of files!), 
occupies a rather huge amount of space on disk (even with the database 
retention set to merely 1 week, all the program bits still occupied more 
than a 150MB).

// Michel Joly de Lotbiniere

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