>Last night, two of my servers both had similar yet different error 
>messages during the backup. Both servers are ASIP 6.0.3 running Mac 
>OS 9.0. When we arrived this morning the one machine had the 
>following error:
>       Internal Consistency check failed
>       at "Elem16.c-438"
>The other machine had the following error:
>       Internal Consistency check failed
>       at "Tree.c-4009"
>One machine crashed after clicking restart. The other machine was fine.
>Any ideas on what caused it, what it is, why it is, or anything else.

I have had this happen twice over a span of about a year, [ASIP5.0.3/ retro 4.x]
 both times I believe it was a sign thatASIP had invaded retro's memory space (my best 

both times all was well after a restart.

BTW - ASIP 6.0.3 requires MacOS 8.6 only, if you want to use OS9, then you should 
download the 6.3 upgrade (free for 6.x users)

Hope this helps.


Philip Chonacky, IS Manager
Barrett Companies
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