At 11:49 AM -0700 9/16/99, Juergen wrote:
>I asked a coupla days ago mixed in with another topic, so I'm trying
>How can I share directories via NFS?
>In NetworkManager I can go to FileSharing and successfully mount NFS
>filesystems. But in the 'Shared Directories' tab, the button for
>creating a new 'export' is grayed out. What's going on? Obviously
>there must be something not set up right a bit higher in the config


I am having some difficulties when attempting export and import NFS 
directories on Mac OS X.  We figured this is the best work-around for 
backups of our Mac OS X server until we can get a UNIX Client for 
Retrospect.   We are planning on exporting the data volumes, and 
importing them on a HP/UX system that has HP Omniback on it.  The 
Omniback software will backup those imported NFS directories.

We are also investigating the possibilities of Samba for creating SMB 
based shares from Mac OS X, and then mounting those on the Windows 
Retrospect Server so we can back it up there.


Mac OS X seems to be happy with the fact that we have exported our 
/data directory.  No errors.  Verified that it is exported in the 
NetworkManager as well as the NetInfoManager.

When using the HP/UX "SAM" tool (we have telnet session into the 
HP/UX box at this time), we attempt to mount the NFS Share, and it 
fails with the error message of "Permission Denied".

When we Import a NFS share using the Mac OS X mount_nfs command, it 
works without errors, and we mount the NFS Share to a directory in 
our /tmp directory.  We can browse and copy files without any 

Mac OS X (Export) --> HP/UX  (Import)   DOES NOT WORK.
Mac OS X (Import) <-- HP/UX  (Export)   WORKS GREAT.

It might have something to do with NetInfo, but I am not sure how to 
get around or configure NetInfo to get this to work.  Any ideas?

** On a side note, if we use NetworkManager to import the said NFS 
share above, it will tell us that we must reboot our system before it 
will mount the directory.  However, if we do it manually from the 
command-line, it works without such a prompt.  What is going on here?

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