Is it possible to move a CD storage set from the proprietary format 
that Dantz uses into a more universally readable form? I know that it 
works if one has a storage set on removable media (Zips, Jaz etc.) 
and then writes the storage set onto CD-R (using Toast to copy the 
Zips to CD). These are useable by Retro to restore from (reading them 
in a regular CD-ROM), but I don't know about starting from a CD 
storage set.

Possible scenario: backup on a Dantz certified CD-RW drive onto the 
CD-RW disk, but when the disk is full, copy (move it...) it off to a 
CD-R that would be readable (and hence useable for restore) on any 
CD-ROM drive.

Can this be done?

-Bob D.
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