Bob Durst wrote:
> Is it possible to move a CD storage set from the proprietary format
> that Dantz uses into a more universally readable form? I know that it
> works if one has a storage set on removable media (Zips, Jaz etc.)
> and then writes the storage set onto CD-R (using Toast to copy the
> Zips to CD). These are useable by Retro to restore from (reading them
> in a regular CD-ROM), but I don't know about starting from a CD
> storage set.
> Possible scenario: backup on a Dantz certified CD-RW drive onto the
> CD-RW disk, but when the disk is full, copy (move it...) it off to a
> CD-R that would be readable (and hence useable for restore) on any
> CD-ROM drive.
> Can this be done?

Nope. Part of the benefits of Retrospect is its ability to know the
exact state of each file in its Catalog. Without this level of control,
Dantz could not offer the unsurpassed performance and accuracy
Retrospect enjoys. Removing the files from the proprietary file format
eliminates the possibility of an accurate restore and complete
synchronization of the files in the Backup Set and the Catalog should
the occasion arise.

In addition, Retrospect must have write permissions on the files it is
using to record the details of the operation. This is not permissible on
CD media.

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