M2 is definitely the drive to beat if you're looking for speed/capacity
(12MB/s native speed, 60GB uncompressed capacity).  I have seen
11.8MB/second with Macs and Retrospect in the field.

VXA does 3MB/second.  It's a great drive for its class.  Native capacity for
VXA is 33GB.

The M2 is definitely more expensive for the drive mechanism, but the tapes
are a lot more cost effective.

It takes two VXA tapes to equal one M2 tape (approximately).  Two VXA tapes
will cost between $160-170.  One M2 tape is $95.00 (tape prices vary
depending on source).  If you use enough tapes, you can easily justify M2
because of the saved money in media over the lifetime of the drive.


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How's performance? The reliability of the tapes is impressive but I'm
concerned about the drive's backup performance. Take a look at PC
Mag's article on tape drives:
The VXA-1 was pretty much the slowest drive. The fastest drive was
the Exabyte Mammoth-2.

At 9:52 AM -0400 4/10/00, Luke Jaeger wrote:
>Just wanted to broadcast my opinion that Ecrix VXA rocks. I'm evaluating
>one and it's highly impressive.
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