This might be a little OT for the Retrospect list.  Can you be a little more specific? 
 Is the zip cartridge they are inserting the same cart. they are using for backups?  
Is Retrospect running when the error messages comes up?  If these are two different 
carts., do they have the same name?

What version system software are you using?  What version Retrospect?  What version 
iomega extension?

This may be a case of a bad sharing prefs file.  Read/write volumes will have an 
invisible "Apple Share PDS" file at their root, Read-Only volumes will have a sharing 
preference file in the preferences folder under "File Sharing" with the name format  
"[Volume Name] PDF".  Try deleting this file (while file sharing is turned off), then 
restart file sharing and reset the file sharing preferences for the Zip volume in 

Hope this helps.

>I posted the following several days ago and haven't seen any response.
>Does anyone have any suggestions?
>- Hal
>I have a client who uses v4.2 of Retrospect for the Macintosh and makes
>backups to 250mb Zip carts. The computer is a 7100/66 and is running
>MacOS 8.1.
>If a Zip cartridge is in place at the time the computer is booted, they
>will get a message that File Sharing cannot be enabled. In this case
>File Sharing is not active for either the shared folder on the hard
>drive or the Zip cartridge.
>If they insert a Zip cartridge after the computer is booted, they will
>also get a message that File Sharing cannot be enabled. In this case
>File Sharing is active for the shared folder on the computer's hard
>drive, but remains inactive for the Zip cartridge.
>Why are they getting these messages? Is there a fix for this problem?
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